Recoating West, Inc. has been providing service to the laundry industry since 1982.  From day one our commitment to providing our customers with unmatched quality and service has been the driving force behind our company’s growth. Today we have three production and distribution facilities to ensure timely service to our customers across the country.  Our team is comprised of experienced industry professionals who understand your needs and will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.


As a full service locker manufacturer and reconditioning company, our talented team is vital to our continued success.  We have a team of skilled meal workers that consistently produces quality lockers.  Their quality of work is matched by the level of service provided by our sales and service team of experienced industry professionals.


RWI is a locker manufacturing company that prides itself on producing all of our lockers right here in the United States of America.  The skill of our metal-smiths ensures the highest quality work, saving you time money.  Our lockers are made to last, and can be reconditioned five or more times before needing to be replaced.


We provide coast-to-coast locker reconditioning, manufacturing and delivery services.  We have three manufacturing and distribution facilities across the country to ensure timely service that meets and exceeds your needs.  Our skilled team and fleet of trucks provides doorstep delivery without damage.